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Medicaid form filing

Medicaid is a Federal and State health insurance program for people with low income. There are two type of coverage that we can help you obtain

CONSUMER-DIRECTED PERSONAL ASSISTANCE: If you or a family member is going to be the caregiver and need to be compensated.

PERSONAL CARE SERVICE: If you are hiring a company that will be the caregiver for you or your love one. We will provide the assistance needed to effectively obtain the necessary coverage you or your love one need.

Fair Hearing Assistance or Representation

Fair Hearings are necessary when appeals to a Managed Long Term Care company do not result in adequate hours for the care of your loved ones in their own residence. We will evaluate your case and decide if the best option is to appeal so you can have adequate hours for the care of you or your love one in the comfort of their home. We will guide you step by step thru the entire process until the desired outcome is reached.

Social Security Benefits

We have multiple strategies that could boost your household’s benefits. Social Security Administration doesn’t inform people when they become eligible for specific benefits, such as those for divorced survivors, spouses, divorced spouses, and children.

Social Security Disability

We will compile all the information necessary to keep your claim moving efficiently through the system and making sure the right people at Social Security have the information they need to make a decision.

Doctor Appointments

We will help you take ownership and have some control over making sure your doctor addresses your medical concerns regarding your disability. We know the keywords necessary to obtain the prober outcome. The main point is understanding that doctors have mountains of paperwork to complete, such as patients’ charts, insurance forms, invoices, and forms from the Health Care Agency. Because of this some of your requests for paperwork is probably buried somewhere in that pile.

Translation Services

Usually patients utilize family members, friends, untrained nonclinical employees, or nonfluent health care professionals. Patients who have limited English proficiency do not receive the needed health care that is available to them. Most health care organizations provide either inadequate interpreter services or no services at all. Reliance on such advocates has been shown to have negative clinical consequences and often denial of benefits.
We evaluate and personalize each case. We have access to professional translators in many languages.

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