the owner, Marcia Planes

My name is Marcia Planes.  I was born and raised in Queens, NY.  I earned an Associate degree in Criminology even though my 22-year career is in Construction Accounting.  I have collaborated on high rises in Manhattan and other boroughs and was responsible for accounts totally half a billion dollars.

Having personally dealt with elder care issues for my mother and father, I completely understand the frustrations and complexity of navigating through medical and the assistance that a family needs for a loved one. This is the genesis and passion behind Essential Advocate. I am uniquely and personally qualified to address these important and lifesaving issues.

Unfortunately, the state and health insurance companies have personnel working hard on their side, I strongly believe that the families should have the same resources too. Understanding the heavy paper work involved, I am making myself available to you and I will do my best to alleviate this burden.

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